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Project Description
This is a very simple set of classes that make implementing consistent navigation in your windows phone 8 applications an automated process. For the future I would like to implement this for Windows phone 7+ and perhaps winrt, although winrt already has some good options with MVVMlight.

Feedback is VERY much appreciated! You can contact me through codeplex or nuget.

You can download the nugget package here

Or use the source directly from this site.

To use
Add this to your ViewModel Locator Constructor.

SimpleIoc.Default.Register<INavigationService>(() =>
                return new NavigationService(App.RootFrame);

This will register your navigation service with the container and provide the rootframe for the service to use for navigating.

For each viewmodel you will need to add an INavigationService paramter to the constructor so the container can inject the nav service. For example.
  public MainViewModel(INavigationService navigation) 

Obviously assign the navigation parameter to a property so you can use it after construction in the VM in the example below I called my property NavigationSerivce.

Finally to navigate call this.

The navigation service will try to resolve the VIEW location based on the full name using reflection. The code is very basic and easily reproducible without a
package but I hope this serves as a quick solution for repetable navigation in your windows phone apps.

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